World’s reaction to poverty, brought a new Guiness record, according to a Reuters news story I quote here via Yahoo! News :

ReutersSchool children in Gaza, cricket fans in India and African church-goers have helped set a Guinness world record for “the largest number of people to ‘stand up against poverty,”‘ U.N. officials said on Tuesday. The record was set when 23,542,614 people stood up as part of 11,646 organized events around the world during a 24-hour period this week, according to the official Guinness verification text, released at a U.N. news conference. The “stand up” campaign was organized to promote the achievement by 2015 of a series of anti-poverty goals set at the Millennium Summit in 2000. It was timed to coincide with Tuesday’s U.N. International Day for Poverty Eradication.

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