Howie HawkinsThe U.S. politics and democracy is notoriously stuck in a monotonous “two parties dilemma”, which in fact does not look very “pluralistic” and does not give the impression of a “true land of liberty” as one could expect from the champion of democracy. Voters have basically two choices: granting either Republicans or Democrats for the parliamentary houses or the presidency. From time to time, there emerge some “alternative” candidates out of this “two parties game circle” who never had much chance for being elected and largely (and deliberately) ignored by the mainstream media during the campaigns.

Nowadays, we’ve been watching the same movie: Green Party NY senator candidate Howie Hawkins is no exception and he could hardly get a fair press coverage from media and the mechanisms of the “traditional U.S. democracy” that forces the voters again, to choose Hillary Rodham Clinton or her opponent, Republican John Spencer. Will it be possible for Hawkins, to break the establishment’s prejudices and win the elections? Socialist Worker asked him why he was running against Hillary Clinton. He replied:

To give a voice to the antiwar majority in New York. Clinton has voted for all of Bush‘s requests for war powers and funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The majority of New Yorkers want out of Iraq, and that’s what I want. I want to give voice to that majority of New Yorkers.

Secondly, I want to call for a national health insurance plan so everybody’s covered. That’s something that Clinton stopped in 1993 when she was put in charge of the White House health care task force, and she took it off the table and went with what I call compulsory private health care, mandating subsidies to private health insurance. This is what was called “Hillary Care,” and it’s now the Massachusetts plan, which she endorsed.

I definitely hope, Howie would win and speak out loud an alternative voice against the rotten, totalitarian and out -of -date tradition of the U.S. politics. For liberty and a real surge of democracy in the entire world, we first need the restoration of the “revolution ideals” of the Founder Fathers in America. Click here to read the entire interview.

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