RainMaybe we shouldn’t underestimate the mighty power of the heavy rain (which we begin to experience more and more often recently with the “weird climate issues”) and its tremendous effects on tectonic plates. Sounds really shaking but according to the German geologists’ latest researches, a water pressure that comes with heavy rains could well trigger some unprecedented seismical activities and induce earthquakes. As Nature.Com reports:

A spate of rain is all it takes to set off some earthquakes. That’s what a team of German geologists has discovered after monitoring swarms of tiny tremors in the mountains of Bavaria.

Sebastian Hainzl of the University of Potsdam and his colleagues say that the rise in water pressure within porous rocks as rain soaks into the ground can start quakes on hair-trigger faults. “Tiny changes can have big effects,” says Hainzl’s coworker Toni Kraft of Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.

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