Desert Things are not going well on the planet earth, according to the environmentalists’ researches and reports. In fact, we are about to face an unprecedented catastrophic transformation by the middle of the century, when the global ecosystem of our home planet totally collapses and turnes the greenfields into deserts. The effects of the fast population increase have not been a big secret for us and we have been certainly aware of the scary “changing” trend of the climate patterns, with all its very likely consequences. Now, WWF warns the world that the first phase of the much feared nightmare is about to begin in these years:

Current global consumption levels could result in a large-scale ecosystem collapse by the middle of the century, environmental group WWF has warned.

The group’s biannual Living Planet Report said the natural world was being degraded “at a rate unprecedented in human history”.

Terrestrial species had declined by 31% between 1970-2003, the findings showed.

It warned that if demand continued at the current rate, two planets would be needed to meet global demand by 2050.

The picture is very clear: if we keep on propagating at this pace, the humanity will soon face a hunger problem which doubles or even triples today’s statistics. We are like an ink drop, spreading on the surface of the earth, leaving our footprints everywhere. Today’s global capitalist system is continuously exhausting the natural resources with an unplanned and uncontrolled greed, paving the way for a serious environmental collapse.

The Earth’s population was slightly over 3 billion when I was an elementary school student, some 35 years ago. It is doubled in just 35 years. Could Mother Earth afford this? Certainly not and now, as the news report says, we need one more earth to feed the population and cover the needs of humanity. Time to “boldly go where nobody has gone before” and find another fertile planet, somewhere in the galaxy. Only to screw it up too, in just a few millennia – like a locust swarm.

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