Religion and bigotry

I have never been against the idea of people believing in a Supreme Being. In a universe full of uncertainties for us and with a still very tiny reliable knowledge on the structure and working mechanisms of the environment we live in, I find it not surprising to see the majority worshipping a Lord God. Could anyone disprove the existence of a “supernatural” power in the universe, that defines, determines and affects the circumstances of the “universe”?

I doubt it; because, we first need to reach to a consensus for this, on some key concepts that look very controversial: What is “supernatural”, on the first hand? Which conditions, phenomenons or “powers” do we call “supernatural”? There can’t be a solid definition for the supernatural concept; because if it could be defined, it should have been “witnessed” and without doubt “measured” and “understood” in our common terms, thus being perfectly “natural”. If the easiest way is selected (like the “faithful” always do) by saying “An ultra power, an extraordinary super being that is far beyond our perceptions and the norms of the known universe, natural laws and processes”, then it is necessary for them to answer the crucial question: “Well, tell us its qualifications please.”

The supernatural concept cannot be defined in a satisfactory way, either by the believers or the deniers. Thus, discussing the existence of it, is pretty out of context and meaningless. In spite of this, as I said above, it is very understandable for a human being to feel the need of believing in such a high entity, to sojourn it as a protective, pain-easing super concept. Actually, there may well be a supreme being that we have not discovered or totally understood its existence or behaviour yet. I think, no sensible person can comfortably say there is definitely not a deity or godlike being. (Then again, there comes the inevitable question: “What is a deity? Have you ever met a God or a Goddess?“)

But, if you begin to talk about “God’s orders” or “God’s will”, everything’s changed instantly. While we cannot even understand its existence and qualifications with solid symptoms (let alone proving it), who on earth could claim he/she knows what god wants, thinks, wills or orders humanity? Even if a god (as the faithful described it) exists, it is almost very certain that there has been no communication with it yet. So the main and the only source of all the monoteistic faith on earth is just gossip: “God talked to a Selected Human long long time ago; he recorded what was said to him and began spreading the message.” Not very different than the notorious urban legend pattern like “A friend of a friend had heard from a friend of his cousin who was a friend of a friend of that person who had witnessed it all.”

All the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are based on a common, primitive lie that was made up millenia ago by some monks (or more correctly, Rabbi‘s) who had borrowed certain themes and elements from more ancient lore and weaved an eclectic theology with them, revealing numerous flaws. This is just plain logic, without a need to consult any other reference. But if you know the history and ancient cultures; if you have ever studied the evolution of the human society and the religious thought of various cults going back to the Early Neolithic, then everything about the present day religions begin to look more ridiculous to your eyes.

First, there has never been a “religion” until the Late Bronze Age, as we understand the term today. But there has always been a “faith”, which was in fact nothing but a “way to understand the universe and to live as harmoniously to it as possible, in a respectful way.” And the worst news for the believers of today’s male-oriented Abrahamic religions: The oldest concept of a supreme deity was a “She”, the Mother Goddess or The Earth Mother, known with various names throughout the ages, like Kybele, Gea, Ninhursag, Inanna, Demeter, Hathor, Isis and many more. But she was shortly referred as “The Mother”.

Second, she was never considered as a “supernatural” being, communicating with people using messengers and sending them orders. The Mother was the whole universe, the nature itself: all the visible surrounding of humanity with the earth, sky and celestial beings we name stars and planets. The ancient matrifocal society saw the Mother as a protective, loving, nurturing being for humanity. A “giving” deity, not a “continuously demanding and threatening” one.

Third, the “cult” or “faith” around this matriarchal faith had never created a hierarchical structure for hegemony and power; the Mother faith had never become the instrument of an oppression on masses by a “ruling class”.

When the Patriarchy emerged with all its greed and violence, towards the end of the Neolithic and seized the power, the dramatical change of the human civilization started. It was the most essential breaking point in the history: Social classes and a dominant minority came into being; hegemony and oppression emerged; the loving, protective Mother Goddess was eventually replaced by an angry, punishing and wrathful male god and guess what happened? Women lost their prestigious status in the society, along with most of their rights.

This was the phase one. With the emergence of the Abrahamic religions, the Storm God experienced a new transformation and become more and more jealous, revengeful and wrathful Yahweh. Christianity took this to a new peak by banning all the other faiths and worshipping, when it seized the power in Rome, beginning with Constantine (but experienced a short interval during the reign of Julian.) Islam followed the suit and emerged as the youngest child of the oppressive darkness of the Abrahamic tradition, while renaming the god “Allah”; derived from “Al Ilah” (The Deity). The root of the name itself was “El” in semitic culture (as in “Isra-El“, “Hezeki-El“, etc) which in turn was borrowed from the ancient Canaan/Ugarit god “El“.

Faith is individual. But religion is political and directly related to the power and hegemony. This is why I don’t have any objection to the people who believe in a Supreme Being and keep their faith inside them, but I strongly oppose the very existence of today’s male-oriented, nonsense, oppressive and irrational religions. Without them, the world would be a much more beautiful and peaceful place.

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