Invictus On The Beach

He’s homeless and broke; has only a few outfits to wear (and those are the freebies that nice people left to public places for “charity”.) Enjoys his days wandering around the places that shine with their natural beauties; visits marvellous historical places, temples, castles, ruins and “faerie gardens”. Spends some time in the libraries and educational places which he finds very impressive. He dances at the clubs or goes “camping” for earning a few bucks everyday. He makes new and interesting friends in a world he’s been newly introduced; attends discussions and chats; goes to places that offers live music and free drinks (and even can’t help going to see the attractive “pole dancers” once in a while.) He’s my alter ego at Second Life; but he’s much more socially active than me. Meet Invictus Berthold: The Vegetarian, Egyptologist, Book Club Member and street philosopher of SL.

Update – March 7, 2007: Well, many things have changed in 4 months, since this blog entry was posted. Invictus Berthold (friends call him Vic btw) is no more broke or homeless. He has his own land, also a rented apartment, four shops seling the goods he produced (“Boutique Esperanza”) and a “business” in SL, at the same time he is the manager of 3 large shopping malls. I’m gonna tell about all these in a new blog entry soon. πŸ˜‰

The followers of my blog (well, actually not many people at present) know well that I am a happy and proud Clipmarks member who spends 4 hours a day in average at the site. Since last year, I’ve been enjoying the powerful info following & archiving tools as well as the great community at Clipmarks. Users of the site share ideas, opinions; inform each other about the recent news and interesting stories that they come across on the web. The comment threads attached to each clip are both informative and entertaining most of times. The best part of it, is the warm friendship that dominates the site (thanks to wonderful CM administrators.) You find everything that you could expect from a cool and civilized “information society” at Clipmarks.

After noticing Second Life and seeing the immense possibilities it offered, I began to think about a “cross-action” between these two cool platforms. Apparently SL can serve the Clipmarks members to have a nice and rich meeting place; a virtual social club. Considering the latest needs of a reliable chat platform among Clipmarks users and some “jokes” about organizing a cool party (like your Mojito Night idea, Bookchick) I think SL could be a nice host for us Clipmarkers.

Possibilities are endless: We can create a “Clipmarkers Club” to communicate in-world; we can utilize the educational potentials that SL supplies; we can even rent a small land and/or building that would be a home for Clipmarks users in SL; we can organize our own events, parties with live music etc; we can build a modest library there. Many many more.

At the moment, there are only three Clipmarks members in SL: Myself, Djiezes and Torley (who also works for Linden Labs at SL.) If you find this idea worth considering, then signup SL with your Clipmarks user ID as your “First Name” (like me and Djiezes did) and let’s begin spreading the word about Clipmarks in the huge realms of Second Life.

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