Clipmarks Shirt

Okay, obviously I am no big fashion genius but I liked this design thing at Second Life which allows you to create your custom outfit. After finishing my first few creations, I wanted to design a simple shirt with Clipmarks emblem and logo on it (motto and URL at the back side.) Of course this is “very unofficial” but it was fun to make my dear avatar, Invictus Berthold, wear it. It is unisex and has five color options for now: white, turquoise, pink, yellow and purple. If you are interested and want to have one of these “unofficial merchandise” shirts, they are (of course) free; just find me at SL or drop me a message so I can post it (or them) to your inventory. The shirts can be copied so you can give away copies to your friends at SL. Oh, and if any gifted Clipmarker wants to retouch it and make a cooler one, I can send the template as a Photoshop file. Let’s spread the word. šŸ˜‰

Update March 11, 2007: This entry is pretty outdated now. Please see the “New Clipmarks Shirts” story by clicking here and learn how to get them (tip: just click on the SLurl links of my stores – this will teleport you if SL is running.) Oh, and this entry was written 4 months ago, when I was a “noob” in SL – now I’m not modest anymore about my designing talents. See my various creations at my stores and you decide it. šŸ˜‰

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