While some people have still been trying to see the “climate change” issue as a tough discussion based on political rivalry, the “weird weather” keeps striking the different parts of Earth, without mercy. In America, the right-wingers who support a political approach as if they were hooligan fans of a football team, try to deny the obvious danger and prefer to put the blame on Al Gore. Unfortunately, though something can be done to heal the ignorance, there is no cure for idiocy.The news story below is written by Justin Huggler of The Independent. While the ignorant couch potatoes in the Western World see it as a debate in a “reality show” that can be watched late time, eating popcorns, Huggler tries to direct our attention to an Asia land that is being effected mostly from the consequences of climate change. (Oh, but who cares for some faraway Asians, disasters and death are usual for them – either by the nature or by the bombs of the “civilized world”.)

Below is an excerpt from Huggler’s report:

clipped from news.independent.co.uk

The weather in Bangladesh is going crazy. Last week, a freak tornado struck. Tornadoes occur regularly in Bangladesh – but usually only in the tornado season, in April. A tornado in February is almost unheard of.

Also, there were the strange events of 2004, when the tides in the estuaries of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers stopped ebbing and flowing. The water level just stayed at high tide. The same year, the capital, Dhaka, was hit by floods so severe the ground floors of most buildings were under water, and a catfish was caught in one of the government buildings.

And in 2005, the country had no winter at all. Westerners tend to assume the whole of the subcontinent is hot all year round; in fact, Bangladesh, like much of northern India, gets quite cold in winter. Except that it didn’t last year. Winter never came – with serious effects on the year’s potato crop. This year, too, it has not been as cold as usual.

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