From time to time, we see some noteworthy events at the “rising star of metaverses” that could make us think not all Second Life folks are ignorant and stupid freaks who spend their time by just “having fun”. (You know, it’s the most popular “bio line” on SL profiles: “I’m here to have fun” or “I like to meet people and have fun”. Reserving our right to ask those “funny” folks what do they “talk” with their newly-met cyber friends using a vocabulary having only 500 words or less, including “lol, lmao, brb” etc; we’d better not make “fun” of them and let’s be polite.) Fortunately there are also many people with a common sense, well educated activists and intellectuals, along with the majority who login to “metaverse” just for trifflin’ chat, buying “skins” or hair, parking their avatars on “camping chairs” in order to earn 5 cents a hour and having “virtual sex” in some “adult” places. The news report below, tells about an anti-war demonstration at virtual Capitol Hill sim in SL – published on the Second Life Herald:



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SL Capitol Hill Anti-War Protests


Protesters from a wide variety of groups converged on the Capitol Hill sim today to speak out against the proposed attacks on Iran. Word spread from one group to the next organically, and suddenly the sim went from completely unoccupied to full in less than fifteen minutes. Shirts and signs were created and handed out on the spot, and chants of “Bush is a criminal!” and “no war on Irani children! no war on Palestinian children!” filled the chatlog.

Plot Tracer of the SLLU covered the details for me: “i think it is important that all people unite against the warmongering US President. It is important that those Americans who stand for peace and goodwill tell him to backdown. It is also important that the US’s real friends tell Bush he is wrong. The children of Iran are innocent, just as the children of Iraq are. No to war and no to any more of US imperialist adventures in the Middle East.”


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