Since last week, you have been seeing my blog entries that have a “different style”, namely, “The Clipmarks style” with a clipped content in a blue box below each post. There have been a number of “off-topic” comments asking me about it, saying “Hey Vic, how you post a clip content to your blog?” Well, now you know it I suppose.

The answer is simply “The Best keeps getting better“. After a short beta test, Clipmarks officially announced version 2.0 this morning. It has many new cool features and “clip-to-blog” is just one of them. After installing the new extension, you can now post the clip contents directly to your blog, along with your remarks and introduction. Is it very cool or what?

What else? Well, you need to see it for yourself but I can give you some very short clues now: Clipping tool is fine tuned and now you can select and clip individual sentences! Plus, what would you think if I say “Now you can add videos to your clips”? Yes, Clipmarks has a “Videos” tab now and you can directly post the videos you find on the web to “Clipmarks Videos”!

Once more, many thanks to the great Clipmarks team for keeping up the excellent work. “3 Erics”, Derek and Adam; you guys are writing a history on that site!

Update: Don’t forget to watch the video interview with Clipmarks co-founder and CEO Eric Goldstein, on the Scoble Show. You can see it on my VodPod, on my VodPod widget on the main page or you can directly go to Scoble’s site. You may also want to read Davis Janowski‘s review of Clipmarks 2.0 on AppScout site.

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