“The crux of the politicians’ answer to climate change and pollution is a gigantic crash research program,” writes Nicholas von Hoffman, the columnist for the New York Observer. “They usually invoke the Manhattan Project of World War II, the name given to the program for inventing and building the atomic bomb.”

So many fussings, so many discussions (most of them are really of no use at this stage) between political groups and “scientists” engaged to them. But, nobody cares a solution or even just a road map about how we should face the consequences of this inevitable climate change and stand on our feet. Time passes as we keep on discussing and fussing. Of course, Mother Nature does not wait for us to reach to a consensus about the climate change – there is nothing called “consensus” in the universe, there are just phenomenons, cycles and metamorphoses. Though the present situation does not allow us to be optimistic, we surely are not that desperate to sit on our asses without doing anything. Hoffman says:

As we all know there is a lot we can do before the earth is turned into a lobster pot with us playing the part of the crustaceans. We have all been told that conservation alone would make a vast difference, and we also know it means changing the way we live.

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It is quite amazing. No major politician these days would think of giving a speech without the obligatory three or four paragraphs on global warming and energy. They tell us that it is a crisis, which is a laugh since we have been telling them it’s a crisis for the past twenty years.
What the politicians propose that we do about it now is simple: nothing. The leading candidates in both parties are given to talking about “benchmarks” we are to meet by 2016 or 2025 or 2050. One of those dates, they promise us, is the year we will be “energy independent,” which they would have us think is the same as being at an environmentally stable level.
What if the miracle doesn’t come? Those space shuttles do not always go as planned, and then we have those national days of mourning for the dead astronauts. What if the scientists cannot come up with the miracle fuel? Do we have national days of mourning for a dying planet?

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