Despite all the problems that Iraq War brought to the world and also to the USA, is Bush administration really being prepared with a war with Iran? Pham Binh from MRZine thinks the answer is a definite “yes”, in his latest article:

The Bush administration’s goal is to roll back and contain Iran’s influence in the Middle East. Military encirclement, saber-rattling, veiled threats, diplomatic isolation, provocations, and economic pressure are all means to this end.

So if regime change is not the aim, is war with Iran on the agenda?

Yes. The very success of the Bush administration’s aggressive rollback and contain policy is what might lead to war. This requires some explanation.

While the 2008 elections are approaching, another war appears on the horizon that would surely create a new mess.

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U.N. sanctions. Talk of military action. Two aircraft carriers moved into the Persian Gulf. F-16s deployed to bases in Turkey. A public relations offensive to terrorize Americans into thinking a nuclear 9/11 is around the corner.
It’s déja vu all over again.
Is the Bush administration Iraq-ing Iran? Are they so stupid, arrogant, and insane that they would start another unwinnable war in the Middle East midway through the first one? Are they dusting off the pre-war script for Iraq, crossing out the Q’s, and inserting N’s instead?
So what is the politics of the increasing conflict between Washington and Tehran? What are the Bush administration’s political goals? The goals become evident when we examine the means used to achieve them.

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