Tomorrow is March 8, International Women’s Day… Nasrin Alevi writes about the situation of women in Iran; a country under the oppression of a theocratical administration and ruled by the law that was supposed to be advised by one of the three male-oriented, oppressive Abrahamic religions. While celebrating the solidarity day of women all around the world and sincerely supporting their causes, I am quoting Alevi’s first two paragraphs below, with no comments.

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Iranians are the first to know how easy it is for a whole nation to be reduced to the rants of a senseless politician, or for images of a handful of shroud-wearing crazies burning the American flag in Tehran to reach the western media’s front-pages. But how easy is it for thousands of Iranian teachers protesting outside the Iranian majlis (parliament) – as they did on Saturday 3 March 2007 – to merit any attention?

Not very, is the answer – and especially when the drums of war are being sounded. At such times, it is more convenient to dehumanize the prospective enemy than to see this enemy as it is – composed not of 70 million Mahmoud Ahmadinejad clones but of diligent nurses, factory workers, dear uncles and aunts, poets, writers, filmmakers, students cramming for their exams, lovelorn teenagers, and, yes, protesting teachers.

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