Vic with Clipmarks shirt

You probably have already known: Clipmarks now offers very cool, brand new t-shirts to its users. They come in two colors, black and white – and the shirts have four different designs. As you can see from the comments at the website, Clipmarks community warmly welcomed the new shirts and looks like these cool things will sell very well in a very short time. So if you are a Clipmarks user, go and buy the t-shirts you liked, wear them and spread the word.

While giving your buying orders for the “real” shirts, you can also have the “virtual” ones to wear at Second Life for free and do a favor to your avatars. Again, as some of you have already known, I made some Clipmarks t-shirts four months ago and placed the package at popular freebie places at Second Life, as a free giveaway. By now, more than one thousand people got that shirts package.

But now, forget those old stuff. I prepared a new package that has the virtual versions of the brand new Clipmarks shirts and put them in my main stores at Forest Plaza and Hidden River Mall. There are two colors, black and white, of the classic design – front side has the Clipmarks logo and back side there is “Clip the web” motto. Almost identical with the real ones, so you can make your avatar wear them and spread the word in the metaverse too.

Clipmarks Freebie Pack

The package has two shirts; one black, one white and you’ll also get a steamy Clipmarks coffee mug too. For SL folks who don’t know about Clipmarks yet, there is also a notecard with a short version of “Clipmarks FAQ”. Finally after getting your freebie packs from one of my stores, you may also consider to join the “Clipmarks Users Group” in Second Life. Just make a search under the “groups” tab with the keyword “Clipmarks”.

Update – August 28, 2007: I closed my shops at Forest Plaza and Hidden River Mall. If you want to get your Clipmarks t-shirts and mug, visit Esperanza Mainstore at Elmaer region.