As if the climate related disasters not enough, the Earth’s crust began trembling violently again. Yesterday’s earthquake at Indonesia did not create tsunamis but some experts mentioned their concerns about the already very active volcanoes of the region. Can this quake trigger volcanic activity around the Archipelago? Establishment’s scientists say the probability is very low, while some geologists think the opposite. We’ll have the answers soon.

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A powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake that shook Indonesia‘s main island of Java early Thursday, including the capital Jakarta, could trigger activity at some of the island’s many volcanoes, experts said.

An official at a seismology center points to earthquake readings. A powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake that shook Indonesia's main island of Java early Thursday could trigger activity at some of the islands many volcanoes, experts said.(AFP/File/Patrick Lin)

The undersea quake, centred about 110 kilometres (70 miles) east of the capital Jakarta and off the north coast of Java, occurred just after midnight (1700 GMT), rattling buildings and sending panicked residents onto the streets.
“We are closely monitoring Mount Ceremai and Mount Slamet,” Surono, head of the energy ministry’s Volcanology Centre told Elshinta radio, referring to two volcanoes on densely populated Java.
“If the pressure at the volcanoes is quite high, it may trigger volcanic activity,” he said.
The Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said the probability of such an event however was low.

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