It becomes obvious once again that world economy will suffer the results of playing games at “speculation-enabled” stock exchange markets. BBC uses the phrase “adverse effect on market sentiment” when mentioning the problems in the mortgage sector.

Market sentiment? Could the fate of a large-scale production and trade of a huge country be left to the “sentiments”? If it’s capitalism, it could. In a global economical system that holds “stock exchange halls” as temples, “brands” as totems and “marketing philosophy” as a dogma, global economical crisis are not unusual. The world had already seen this movie several times in the past; each time, the “solution” came with a new local or large scale war, elsewhere in the world. Capitalism as usual, nothing more.

Keep an eye on the biggest corporate “players” and the politicians directed and manipulated by them: A new “conflict” can appear anytime, anywhere on the Earth if the international finance-capital oligarchy sees it necessary. Time to worry, as the “season of coups and wars” approach, amid serious fears for economical crisis, drought, famine and climate disasters.

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Traders on the New York Stock Exchange

Central banks have moved to calm the markets

US stocks have fallen in early trading, with problems in the mortgage sector continuing to have an adverse effect on market sentiment.

The Dow Jones was down 63 points to 13,173, as investors reacted to news that Wal-Mart and Home Depot had warned of tough times to come.
Meanwhile, the more technology-based Nasdaq index lost 0.6 points to 2,542.
The falls came despite the Federal Reserve saying it would inject more funds into financial markets if needed.
As US interest rates have increased over the past year, a record number of sub-prime borrowers have defaulted on their loans, leading to extreme financial pressures for firms exposed to the sector.
The knock-on effect has been fears that loans will be harder to come by, not only in the housing sector but in the wider economy, leading to an economic slowdown.

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