The ban was lifted and blogs are accesible from Turkey again, via Telekom’s DNS servers. Still there is not an official statement and all I could find was this comment on Matt’s ( founder) blog, posted by a Turkish user. According to rumours, an officer from the Army was spreading critical information using his blog on and “some inexperienced technical employee” at Turk Telekom blocked the whole WordPress domain, “instead of just banning that blog”, when the court’s written order arrived. Let’s wait for monday, for further explanations.

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As we have stated here in Turkish:

the issue is about some government officer (military related) spreading some information. This critical situation led to a fast court order and the district attorney issued a written order to TTNet, the main Internet and ADSL service provider of Turkey. They had to obey this legal order but some inexperienced technical employee blocked the whole domain in the DNS servers which led to this mess. In a few minutes a techical middle manager realized the situation and took required action. Within a few hours the domain was available (except the problematic blog which is still being blocked due to legal orders). The inexperienced employee is about to leave the job.

This is the situation now, provided FYI.

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