First, I prefer to use “climate change”, instead of “global warming”, because I believe what has been happening to our planet since late 1990’s is beyond “warming” or cooling”: It’s the collapse of well known weather patterns.

Second, I avoid making a statement that would point at “human activities” as the only cause of this climatological chaos. Our industries, our CO2 emissions, deforestation and pollution all contribute to this nightmare but the ancient records show there is much more than that. Cutting the emissions, being enviromental friendly and stopping the pollution are our duties as the inhabitants of this planet but these are far from being enough to stop the climate change we are experiencing.

Okay, after these necessary statements, let’s see the results of a new study based upon the analysis of the weather data: Hurricanes, cyclones and all tropical storms are becoming more and more violent (and costly) to our civilization, with the help of the climate change and its effects. The following story was clipped from Discovery‘s web site:

clipped from

3rd Strongest Ever Recorded

Aug. 22, 2007 — If Earth is running a fever, then hurricanes like Dean and Katrina are her febrile seizures. As the rise in global temperature has accelerated over the last century, these tempestuous spasms have become more frequent and violent.
Each new spinning storm is also finding ever more victims populating its coastal targets — whether it be Mississippi or Madagascar, Kingston or Connecticut — and more ways to trigger trouble thousands of miles inland by way of an ever-more interdependent, globalized economy.
Climatologists and hurricane scientists now have little doubt there is a connection between hurricanes and global warming. Some of the strongest evidence comes from 100 years of records on Atlantic hurricanes — the most complete archive of its kind for any ocean basin. That record shows hurricanes have been increasing in a stepwise fashion since 1900.

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