Another interesting story from today’s Discovery: A “hidden” ocean current in the Tasman Sea could be one of the key factors of our planet’s climate, according to Australian scientists. Ken Ridgway says the newly discovered current connects the world’s oceans and this link could play an important role on regulating Earth’s climate.Of course there are objections and controversies as usual. Discovery report says:

Other experts agree that the Tasman Outflow exists, but are not convinced it plays a very significant role globally, primarily because it doesn’t appear to carry that much water or much heat or salinity variation — essential for driving the thermohaline circulation — into the Indian Ocean.

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The Global Ocean Conveyer

Aug. 21, 2007 — Australian climate scientists have located a deep-ocean current in the Tasman Sea that may play a big role in connecting the world’s oceans, and therefore regulating Earth’s climate.
The newfound Tasman Outflow is part of the “super-gyre” ocean current pathway which helps connect the Indian, South Atlantic and South Pacific oceans and is part of the global heat conveyor belt known as the thermohaline circulation. It’s not certain, however, just how big a player the Tasman Outflow is.
“It’s another link between the Pacific and Indian Ocean,” said Ken Ridgway of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). “The other is through Indonesia.” Ridgway and his colleagues report on the Tasman Outflow in the August issue of Geophysical Journal Letters.

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