drought.jpg While the climate denialists who call themselves “scientists” keep on nay saying, things going worse around the Mediterranean. Summer holiday in Turkey has been passing with the fears for “lack of water” since the shadow of a serious drought fell on the country. Big cities like Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir feel the threat of a water problem that has been appearing on the horizon, while Ankara has the most serious conditions with almost empty dams. The news story below was clipped from EarthTimes and tells about another recent report that showed the effects of the climate disaster in Eastern Mediterranean. The big picture does not look very bright.

clipped from www.earthtimes.org
Drought conditions are mainly to blame for the loss of half of Turkey’s 650,000 acres of wetland during the last four decades, a report said.

Today’s Zaman reported Wednesday that environmental data shows that during the last 40 years, Turkey has lost massive amounts of its available wetlands to a number of factors including drought and construction efforts.

The data from the Nature Association, the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry and the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Turkish Branch, also shows that the loss of the wetlands has directly impacted the nation’s bird species.
“We are witnessing the same patterns in Turkey as in other parts of the world,” the group told the Turkish newspaper. “First the birds leave the region and then the people go too.”

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