Discover Magazine published a detailed “hurricane map”, which was drawn by using some 150 years data. As it is clearly seen on it, the worst hit regions are at Eastern Asia, not the U.S. coast. But unless there appears a huge hurricane, shaking some U.S. cities, mainstream media does not give a damn. Hurricanes can only make headlines when and if they hit the U.S. coast; otherwise, they are just a simple item in the pile of “weather statistics” for the experts. Who cares what happens to Asians, after all?

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If you think the U.S. East Coast has it bad, check out the western Pacific.

The skies of September can bring the wrath of the Atlantic hurricane season. Some years are worse than others, but if all the storms of the past century and a half were to hit at once, this is where they’d be. University of California at Berkeley physics grad student Robert Rohde used all available data from government sources to map 150 years’ worth of hurricane tracks through September 2005.

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