Another very sad aspect of Iraq war is told by Tom van B at NowPublic: Amid the extraordinary conditions and disorder brought by the war, Iraq’s rich archaeological heritage has been looted and pillaged. Sumerian and Chaldean artifacts were plundered; walls and remains of ancient Ur were cracked and damaged. Probably, many priceless artifacts are lost forever for the humanity now. Another contribution of Bush & Cheney gang to the world.

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Armies of looters have destroyed much of what remains of Mesopotamia’s storied past.

Iraq's Cultural Heritage Looted, Pillaged

2,000-year-old Sumerian cities torn apart and plundered by robbers. The very walls of the mighty Ur of the Chaldees cracking under the strain of massive troop movements, the privatisation of looting as landlords buy up the remaining sites of ancient Mesopotamia to strip them of their artefacts and wealth. The near total destruction of Iraq’s historic past – the very cradle of human civilisation – has emerged as one of the most shameful symbols of our disastrous occupation.
Evidence amassed by archaeologists shows that even those Iraqis who trained as archaeological workers in Saddam Hussein’s regime are now using their knowledge to join the looters in digging through the ancient cities, destroying thousands of priceless jars, bottles and other artefacts in their search for gold and other treasures.

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