I know there are quite a few media players out there in the market and in recent years I have used many of them. Each one of them satisfied a different need with good features, like cool organizing tools for media files, supporting many file formats, good sound quality with an advanced EQ, eye-catching visualizations, useful filters and the ability to listen streaming audio. But when I met Nexus Radio, it was a typical “love at first sight”. After playing with it for many hours, I can comfortably say, this is the best tool to listen to and record Internet radios, I have ever used.

Nexus Radio is a modest looking audio player with tons of very powerful features that make your listening experience a breeze. If you are an Internet radio addict like me and if you love not only listening to the audio streams but record them as well, this awesome software wil make your life easier.

The first thing you’ll like about it, is it comes with about 7000 pre-installed radio stations: Actually, it’s a categorized list which is constantly updated by checking the latest data from Nexus Radio web site. First you come across a large list with almost 40 genres, when you click on the “Stations” button on the left. By selecting any of them, you access a long list for the each genre. Choose the one you liked and begin to listen to it immediately.

But of course, Nexus Radio has much more than this. There is a very useful and powerful “station recorder” tool in the software which allows you to capture the music from your favourite Internet radio. “Quick Record” feature is very smart: It detects the beginning and the end of the song, then splits the recording after employing a very accurate fade in/fade out to each track, giving them correct names. By checking the artist/score tags from the streaming channel, it immediately applies them to the file it saved – of course, if you want it to do.

The recording filters are brilliant: You can enter the genre of music you liked and the artists you want to record; then define a starting and ending time for your recording. Nexus Radio checks the stream and only records the tracks you wanted. Very smart, isn’t it?

There is a 10-band EQ with presets; some simple but powerful effects to apply to the music and a nice visualization tool. A very handy editor tool is also added for your convenience. When listening to a song on one of your favorite stations, you can click on the “Station info” link and go to the Nexus Radio’s web site to see the details about the track that is being played at the moment. You can also check the charts and other stuff on the web site, including user forums.

Of course, you can listen to the other audio files on your hard drive too, not only the Internet streaming radios. But actually, Nexus Radio is specifically for the Internet radio enthusiast.

Oh, and did I say it was free? šŸ˜‰ Click here to download it. The installer comes with a very handy toolbar, which allows you to access to the various sections of the web site.

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