It’s been a seismically very active weekend with two powerful earthquakes and three erupting volcanoes around the world. It seems not only the infamous Pacific Ring of Fire but elsewhere around the world was shaken with tremors and thrown out ashes and lava. Since the great quake near Sumatra island last month, earth’s crust has been moving again and tsunami alerts issued/cancelled very often. A Yemeni volcano erupted and killed at least two people while many more were missing; a Java volcano became very active and gave signals for a major eruption; and there occured two great quakes, both above magnitude 7 while several M +6 tremors were felt around the world.

The first news came from Guam, near the US Pacific territory when a powerful quake hit the region. Reuters reports:

A strong earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.1 hit near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam on Sunday, Japan’s Meteorological Agency said, but island media said there were no immediate reports of injuries. The quake, at a depth of 30 km, occurred at 11:09 a.m. Japan time near the island, the Japanese government agency said on its Web site. Agencies said they were on the alert for a possible tsunami, but the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said one was not expected.

On the same day, another powerful earthquake was reported from New Zealand. According to news agencies, Auckland Islands were shaken with a magnitude 7.4 quake and at first there were fears of a tsunami but fortunately none was happened.


Then came the erupting volcano news: A volcano on a Yemeni island in the Red Sea erupted and killed at least two people. BBC reports:

Two bodies were recovered from the sea and other soldiers are missing. Other reports, quoting soldiers and government officials, suggested the death toll could be higher. About 50 Yemeni soldiers were evacuated from the island before the eruption, witnesses and officials said. Geologists say al-Tair, which lies on a major fault line, last saw a volcanic eruption in the late 19th Century.

At the same hours, Mount Kelud on Indonesia’s Java island began giving signals of an upcoming eruption. Experts said there was a possibility of a major eruption and though it was not imminent, the risks were high. Around 24 thousand people who lived in the danger zone was evacuated.

Finally, a Kilauea volcano in Hawaii began spewing lava last weekend. An open lava channel was feeding a flow that had merged with another, and both were advancing along the southern edge of previous flows, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said Friday.

Looks like we are going to witness even more, in upcoming months. The Earth is seismically very active now and new eruptions / big quakes will not be a surprise.