Things are going worse in Burma as the junta ordered more arrests as a next step to the violent crackdown of last week. Agencies report that thousands of people were in custody while hundreds more were taken from their homes and brought away. Reuters says:

The junta is also sending gangs through homes looking for monks in hiding, raids Western diplomats say are creating a climate of terror, and there was no let up in international anger at the harsh response to peaceful protests.

Heavily armed soldiers are guarding the streets in Yangon and Mandalay, while the “hunt for monks” continues. There is still not a powerful response from the international community that would challenge the Myanmar tyrants. The U.N. envoy left the country yesterday.

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Soldiers guard a street, as it rains, in Yangon, October 1, 2007. (Sttringer/Reuters)

Myanmar‘s junta arrested more people on
Wednesday hours after the departure of a U.N. envoy who came to
the country to try to end a ruthless crackdown on protests
which sparked international outrage.
At least eight truckloads of prisoners were hauled out of
downtown Yangon, the former Burma’s biggest city and center of
last week’s monk-led protests against decades of military rule
and deepening economic hardship, witnesses said.
In one house near the Shwedagon Pagoda, the holiest shrine
in the devoutly Buddhist country and starting point for the
rallies, only a 13-year-old girl remained. Her parents had been
taken, she said.
“They warned us not to run away as they might be back,” she
said after people from rows of shop houses were ordered onto
the street in the middle of the night and many taken away.

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