Conditions in Burma keep worsening while junta arrests hundreds more and Buddhist monks try to flee Rangoon (Yangon) using any vehicle they could find. Some agencies report that there were a considerable number of young army officers who felt “very disturbed” because of the way the monks were treated but there were no indications for even a small uprising in the army. Burma’s tyrants continue to talk confidently, pushing the oppression one step further by terrorizing the people on the streets of Yangon and Mandalay; storming houses and arresting people. Many international inspectors believe it’s necessary for China to stop supporting the rotten regime in Burma, in order to establish peace and democracy in the country. Unless the military junta is kicked off by a very strong international intervention, which requires the contribution of China, it seems there’s not much hope for the oppressed people in Burma. And Beijing keeps its silence which means a clear support for the fascist military in the country.

Does a boycott threat for Olympics in China, work? Let’s wait and see if the Western World gives up its hypocrisy and begins to change its ridiculous “politically correct” attitude.

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Monks on top of a bus in Rangoon, 02/10

Many monks are desperate to leave Rangoon, witnesses say

Scores of monks are trying to leave Burma’s main city, Rangoon, following the military’s bloody crackdown on anti-government protests, reports say.

Witnesses said many monks were at the railway station, while bus drivers were said to be refusing to take them out of fear they would not be allowed petrol.
Hundreds of people have now been detained, with more arrests overnight.
Hundreds of monks – who led the protests – have been detained and sources have told the BBC they will be sent to prisons in the far north of the country.
Other protesters are also said to be missing.

Buddhist monks pray at a road block in downtown Rangoon. Pic courtesy Mandalay Gazette

Rangoon was said to be quiet, with troops maintaining a heavy presence and warning protesters to stay away.
On Tuesday the UN’s top human rights official, Louise Arbour, called on the junta to give “precise and verifiable information” on the number of dead and injured as well as “the whereabouts and condition of those who have been arrested”.

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