Here we go again. Monday evening, Turkey blocked access to WordPress blogs. As usual, bloggers and blog readers don’t have any clue about why the site has been censored. Like the last time, there are only “rumours” flying in the air: “Armenian blogs, insulting Turkey”… “PKK supporters’ blogs making propaganda”… “Somebody said ‘unwanted’ things about Turkey’s likely military operation at Northern Iraq”… Blah blah blah.

Turkey is becoming a “tough rival” for China and Myanmar at Internet censorship. A very short time ago, YouTube and WordPress was blocked once again. With the new situation in the Middle East and Iraq, Turkey began losing its temper and “free speech” has been slowly becoming a “good old story”.

As soon as the “reason” is declared by the authorities, I’ll update the entry here. For now, it is still very uncertain. (And we are fed up with this censorship strategy. Enough is enough.)

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