My clip collectionTime runs so fast and somebody should definitely do something about it; like bribing the sun and convince it for slowing down the earth’s orbital voyage around it. 😉 When I was browsing the new clips at Clipmarks this morning, I suddenly noticed that date on my profile: “Joined: 11/10/2005”. Yes, today it’s been exactly 2 years since I joined Clipmarks, which means 730 great days, 104 wonderful weeks or 24 months full of clipping, sharing and fun.

As I often mention it here on this modest blog or elsewhere, Clipmarks has been a very special thing in my online life. Now while I am browsing more than 1700 clips I posted (and many more others, posted by fellow clippers) I can’t help thinking “What if there had not been a site like this, what if Clipmarks never existed?” For me, there is no other online tool and no other information community that could substitute the great joy of learning and sharing that Clipmarks has been giving me for 2 years.

Clipping the information bits on the web; categorizing and archiving them in neat collections; following the great stuff other clippers have been posting and sharing opinions & comments on each individual clip (not to mention the great feature that allows you to post to your blog by simply “clipping”.) By spending just an hour everyday at Clipmarks, you can learn everything that has been happening under the sun. Like one of our fellow clippers said: “I can’t read everything… We can“.

So thanks again Clipmarks, for these great 2 years; and thanks to all clippers who have been making this “infotainment” experience a very special one. I am proud of being a part of this great community.