If everything goes “normal”, we’ll be hearing about Obama’s clear win around midnight. But the democrat voters look strangely worried – possibly because their memory recall for the last two elections that were hijacked at the last minute. My guess is at least a 6 points lead for Obama; some people I trust in the media began talking about a 56-40 at percentages. We have just a few hours left, so, let’s wait and see.

Update 11:50 PM EST: Yes, that’s it! With almost 350 electoral votes, this IS a landslide victory!
clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com

DIXVILLE NOTCH, N.H. — Democrat Barack Obama came up a big winner in the presidential race in Dixville Notch, N.H., where the nation’s first Election Day votes were cast and counted early Tuesday.

Obama defeated John McCain 15-6. Independent Ralph Nader was also on the ballot, but received no votes.
The first voter, following tradition established in 1948, was picked ahead of the midnight voting and the rest of the town’s 21 registered voters followed suit in Tuesday’s first minutes.
Town Clerk Rick Erwin says the northern New Hampshire town is proud of its tradition, but says the most important thing is that the turnout represents a 100 percent vote.
President Bush won the vote in Dixville Notch in 2004 on the way to his re-election.