This is quite a mystery. An ancient (probably from the mid-1700’s) ship’s remains found buried 20 to 30 feet below street level at WTC site – probably undisturbed for more than two centuries. Build date is uncertain and the ship design is unfamiliar. A large team of archaeologists is working on the remains at Maryland to solve this puzzle.

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On July 12 the remains of an 18th century ship were found buried 20 feet below street level at the site of the World Trade Center in New York City. The question is how did they get there?

Mysteries Abound in WTC Ship Remains
Nobody knows for sure — yet. And even though there are timbers from the front half of the ship, nobody can identify what kind of ship it is because, among other mysteries, it’s not a design we’ve seen before.

This is an honest-to-goodness historical mystery and we’re going to follow it until the end.

And while dead men may tell no tales, here’s just a taste of what long-forgotten ship timbers can tell us:

Where the Trees Came From: Since the wood itself can be identified by geography, they can tell where in the U.S. the wood was grown.

When The Tree Was Cut Down: Once they know where the wood came from, they can compare tree rings from other wood samples from that area and identify what year the tree was cut down.

Where The Ship Sailed: Specific species of woodworms live in specific areas of the ocean. Ships can pick them up like passport stamps as they enter various ports. By looking at what types of woodworms left traces in the ship timbers, one can figure out which ports the ship visited long ago.