The 21st century marks the beginning of the “new information age”, at which, nothing will be hidden under the sun. If in this new era the entire world is about to witness a dramatic change on how the information is created and shared, the pioneers of this revolution should be emerging all over the world right now. The Omega Blog will keep an eye on the world, look towards today and the future, while caring much about the history. We’ll see how new revolutionary information pioneers and volunteers do to change the world, leaning on the democratization of the knowledge and keeping an open mind.

You’ll find news and stories on science, politics, culture and history here, along with the important and useful links posted daily. Hopefully this blog will develop and become more sophisticated with some unique, detailed information as time passes.

6 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. lamenter Says:

    I came across this blog while using WordPress’ “Random Blog” feature. Amazing work and good luck with life.

    Maybe this is just me your blog portrays a presence of infinite wisdom and a being far different than the majority.

  2. invictus Says:

    Thanks lamenter, your comment and those words above mean a lot to me.

  3. great blog, I have added you to my blogroll on my site I originally found you on clipmarks and have been following you virtually ever since.

  4. invictus Says:

    Thanks, constantsceptic. I’ve just checked your web site and added it to my list too. I’ve always found your clips noteworthy and it’s the same for your site.

  5. kmcolo Says:

    Hi Invictus,

    kmcolo (aka Ken) from Clipmarks just dropping by to say hi and see if you will be in Istanbul the second full week of May. Aprox. May 12 to May 19… Anyway. Would be good to hear from you either way.



  6. invictus Says:

    Oh, no, Ken! I haven’t even been able to post to and check this blog for a *very* long time and now I see your comment here – after 15 months! Duh! It would be great if we could meet in Istanbul when you were here, darn. Anyway, hopefully next time.

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