The U.S. presidential elections 2008 has already been a milestone in world history, with Barack Obama‘s exciting win. While I’m writing this post (about 10:30 PM EST) it has become clear that the democrat senator easily gets all the electoral votes he needs to become the first African-American president of the United States. Congratulations go to my American friends for now; comments and analysis will come later.

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“Remember, remember / The 5th of November!”
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama moved to the brink of becoming the first black U.S. president on Tuesday with a breakthrough win in Ohio, leaving Republican John McCain fighting for his political life.
Obama captured Ohio, the state that narrowly gave Republican President George W. Bush the presidency in 2004, and dashed McCain’s hopes in Pennsylvania as McCain’s path to victory in the presidential race began to disappear.
“At this point we need a miracle,” a McCain aide was quoted as saying on the CBS News web site.
A win by Obama, 47, son of a black father from Kenya and white mother from Kansas, would mark a milestone in U.S. history 45 years after the height of the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King.
If everything goes “normal”, we’ll be hearing about Obama’s clear win around midnight. But the democrat voters look strangely worried – possibly because their memory recall for the last two elections that were hijacked at the last minute. My guess is at least a 6 points lead for Obama; some people I trust in the media began talking about a 56-40 at percentages. We have just a few hours left, so, let’s wait and see.

Update 11:50 PM EST: Yes, that’s it! With almost 350 electoral votes, this IS a landslide victory!
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DIXVILLE NOTCH, N.H. — Democrat Barack Obama came up a big winner in the presidential race in Dixville Notch, N.H., where the nation’s first Election Day votes were cast and counted early Tuesday.

Obama defeated John McCain 15-6. Independent Ralph Nader was also on the ballot, but received no votes.
The first voter, following tradition established in 1948, was picked ahead of the midnight voting and the rest of the town’s 21 registered voters followed suit in Tuesday’s first minutes.
Town Clerk Rick Erwin says the northern New Hampshire town is proud of its tradition, but says the most important thing is that the turnout represents a 100 percent vote.
President Bush won the vote in Dixville Notch in 2004 on the way to his re-election.

After the bloody attacks on Sunday, which killed 12 Turkish soldiers and 34 PKK guerillas, the situation looks heated along Turkey-Iraq border. Considering the government having the approval of the parliament for a cross-border incursion, and the growing pressure that comes from the street protests (mostly organized by the extreme-right, nationalist MHP and likes), chances are the region is in the middle of a new “war crisis”.

The timing of the deadly attacks from PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) is very intriguing. There is a group of Kurdish MPs of DTP (Democratic People’s Pary) in the parliament since July 22 elections; there were hopes for a peaceful solution in the Southeastern Turkey, without disturbing the unity and the integrity of the country, and suddenly these violent attacks took place one by one in a very short time. Somebody are trying hard to incite/provoke Turkey to enter Northern Iraq in such a critical time. But who and why? No comments for now; we’ll wait and see soon.

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Turkey said on Monday eight of
its soldiers were missing a day after clashes with Kurdish
rebels near the Iraqi border, in which at least 12 soldiers
were killed.
Turkey has deployed as many as 100,000 troops, backed by
tanks, F-16 fighter jets and attack helicopters along its
border with Iraq in anticipation of a possible incursion.
Asked about any pending attack, Defense Minister Vecdi
said on Sunday: “Not urgently. They are planning a
cross-border (incursion)…We’d like to do these things with
the Americans.”
The United States and Iraq have called on Turkey to refrain
from a military push into the largely autonomous Kurdish
region, one of the few relatively stable parts of the Iraq
since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.
Turkey’s tougher stance has helped propel global oil prices
to record highs over the past week. The PKK has said it might
target pipelines carrying Iraqi and Caspian crude across

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Burma protests

Some horrible news keep coming from Burma, after the military regime reacted violently to the protesters in the country. According to one of them, thousands of monks and protesters have been tortured and killed before being dumped in the jungle. Still no confirmations and we don’t know if the story apparently told by a senior intelligence officer is true or just exaggerated rumours. But it’s very certain that the conditions keep getting worse and worse in Burma and if something very effective does not come from the international community very soon, I fear that not only the monks’ but also Aung San Suu Kyi‘s life is under a serious risk too.

Time to support the Burmese uprising for democracy and time to show our solidarity: Not in a spritual manner but physically. Otherwise, this will be “yet another massacre” on dirty records of the Myanmar fascist regime and another black page in the history of Burma after August 1988 incidents.

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A SENIOR Burmese intelligence official claims thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been dumped in the jungle.
After defecting from the military junta and fleeing to the Thai border, Hla Win told a reporter from London’s Daily Mail: “Many more people have been killed in recent days than you’ve heard about. The bodies can be counted in several thousand.”
With protests quashed and many monasteries empty, fears are growing for those who have disappeared into Burma’s grim jails.
Mr Win said he fled when he was ordered to help massacre holy men.
Mr Win, 42, a former chief of military intelligence in Rangoon’s northern region, said: “I decided to desert when I was ordered to raid two monasteries and force several hundred monks on to trucks.
“They were to be killed and their bodies dumped deep inside the jungle. I refused to participate in this,” he said.

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